Esthetic Consultation

One of modern dentistry’s greatest challenges is creating restorations that both look natural and enhance a patient’s smile. Color is the most complex aspect of the restoration. Key dimension such as value, hue, chroma, and especially translucency must be incorporated for a beautiful smile. Shape, the other major factor, determines how well the restoration blends with surrounding teeth and facial features. Restorations with ideal dental structure accentuate the balance and harmony of the patient’s smile.

We offer a personal esthetic consultation with Sam. He and the patient discuss esthetic goals and shade/shape issues to form the best esthetic treatment plan. They assess and select the target color and shape, materials, and critical nuances such as translucency. These nuances cannot be translated solely through verbal instruction or low quality images. The esthetic consultation’s hands-on approach allows Sam to produce the most esthetically pleasing restorations for his patients.